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How far does evidence from Sherif support informational influence explanations of
conformity? (6 marks)

Sherif found that people will change their estimates about how far a light had moved in
response to information gained from others in a group. This supports the theory that
informational influence can cause people to…

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when in his defense, Asch interviewed his participants and found that they reported
wanting to fit in with the group even though they knew the correct answer, so it seems
they were showing normative conformity after all. In conclusion, Asch does provide
support for normative conformity, however due to a…

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have a need for social approval therefore they will be able to cope with standing out
from the crowd & can take the rejection that will come as not being part of the group
Having a clear sense of purpose and strong, solid beliefs may lead to people being…




Very useful sample answers - why not try to do something similar yourself and get your teacher to assess them for you?

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