Multi-store Model Of Memory

Questions and answers on the multi-store model of memory

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Multi-store model of memory questions

1) Who was it created by?

2) What are the three stores?

3) Explain the process of information from sensory memory to LTM
4) How can information from STM memory be lost?
5) LTM cannot be lost however it can be?

6) Give two advantages of the model?
7) Give two disadvantages of the model?

8) Give two pieces of evidence for the multi-store model of memory?

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Multi-store model answers

1) Atkinson and Shiffrin

2) Sensory, STM and LTM

3) Information reaches the sensory memory from taking information from our 5 senses. When we pay attention to this information its transferred into out STM, if we keep of rehearsing this information by repeating over and over, it is then transferred into our LTM.

4) Through displacement or decay

5) Difficult to retrieve unless we have a cue to trigger the memory

6) Studies conform the memory does have separate stores & brain scanning shows different parts of the brain are being used when information is being processed in STM and LTM

7) Its oversimplified & rehearsal is not the only way to transfer STM to LTM

8) Primary recency effect (Atkinson, remembering first and last items on a list but not those in the middle, first items rehearsed into LTM last items recalled from STM & Brown-Peterson technique ( suggests that if rehearsal is prevented it doesn’t enter LTM

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