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We all know who he
is ­ but who am I?
That's right ­ I'm
Henry VIII's father!
Henry VII. ~ Background ~
Can't say I'm overly
proud ­ he changed
my policies, disrupted
the church and was
disloyal to Catherine
­ his dead brothers
wife.…read more

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My succession: I defeated
Secured an
King Richard III in the Battle I went to war ONCE with France
of Bosworth, 1485 - I started in 1491 to save face over the
with Spain
the loss of Breton, obtain a French
Tudor dynasty despite my pension and to stop them from
Arthur &
weak siding
claim to the throne. with my enemy; the Yorkist rebels.
My Policies: I avoided
As you saw from the
war and swelled the crown
previous slide, my
coffers ­ keeping the nobility
second son did things
pretty differently to
check. I also married
his father. Here are
some of the things I
of York to secure the Tudor
did ­ you can
dynasty. I survived several
compare it to my son
high-profile uprising from
on the next slide.
the White Rose Party.
Bonds &
My Character: I was careful,
conscientious and happy
Contracts between the
to spend money on my court
and the crown where they
promised to stay loyal to
Henry VII (The
with grand banquets and
Earl of Richmond) being commonplace. This
created a favourable look
The King. If this was
upon me
from my subjects.
they would suffer a large
fine.…read more

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reassert England's claim to throne
the French crown and after my elder brother died "Our King does not wish for gold
replicate and or gems or precious stones, but
the glories of previous then my father. I had not virtue, glory and immortality."
warrior been - Thomas More, May 1509, about
kings; Edward III and Henry educated as an heir would the new king.
V. I have
wanted to go down in history
Henry VIII
been but I know my duties.
My fathers council tricked me I guess you saw my father
as a peace keeping
into King complaining about me and the
like my
signing father.treaty with
a peace way I rule my kingdom.
France He's just upset because I
in 1510 ­ but this did not deter changed all of his policies and
me. reverted back to the way a
I set about making plans to king should rule his country.
New immediately.
Council That
: I got tired of My Character: I'm young, ruthless
my (seen by my early execution of
was rightfully
fathers old council, MINE!
they Dudley and Empson), exuberant
were and honourable. I married
dedicated to my fathers Catherine
immediately after my fathers death
ways. Luckily Wolsey after he treated her abdominally
Secured an
appeared. He was perfect; for seven years; not allowing her to
he could do all the day return home to Spain causing her
with Spain
to day work whilst I thought to be penniless and unsure.
about the big things; starting
Catherine.…read more

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I am the
Who was the better King?
because I I made
caused this
the Tudor country After
dynasty to England's treating
be here, I wealth is still Cath
and kept
killed the meagre horribly.
my people
previous compared to And
king. France! And Ferdinand
dying in
they were dying used me in
I created from poor living the French
your alliance conditions. You invasion
with Spain. It kept Spain in the didn't do anyway!
alliance and that anything about It was your
was your poor that! lack of
I kept opposition
planning. enforcement
to the crown By invading France, on
down. going against your own Ferdinand.
policy, and not in an
efficient way. You
induced fines where I
induce Terror.…read more

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Knowledge Focus
Henry VII left a relatively Henry VII became increasingly
sound financial and political unpopular in the last years of his
legacy to his son Henry VIII reign and people welcomed a
change of ruler.
Perhaps Henry VII's greatest
achievement was holding onto the Historians have been keen to play
Crown and securing the Tudor down the idea that this new style
Dynasty. of modern kingship emerged, as
Henry VIII continued to reply upon
many of the medical mechanisms
of monarchy.
The year 1509 is often seen as a
watershed mark in England
history because is not only The young, handsome and
witnesses the accession of Henry adventurous Henry VIII was very
VIII but perhaps also as a new different in character and outlook
styles of modern Renaissance from his old, wisened father.
kingship.…read more


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