Henry VIII - The Young Lion

What was Henry's life and world like?

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What was Henry VIII like?

  • He became king on 21st April 1509 at the age of 17years  and 10 months.
  • There was a clear contrast between the new king (him) and the old king (Henry VII - his dad).
  • Henry VII was seen as a mean, old man who was rarely seen in public. He was known for gaining money out of people and he lost his wife and eldest son (Arthur).
  • Henry VIII was the complete opposite of his father, for example he spent all the money.
  • At the time, the people of England were very positive about him.
  • During his 37-year reign, much stayed the same; however things changed only as certain circumstances occured.
  • His confidence grew.
  • In his mind, there was no distinction between his personal life and his life as king - he was a 24-hour monarch.
  • His role as king was natural - he didn't need training or preparation.
  • He simply believed that he just had to be himself.
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