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Collision theory and surface area
In pairs write down
· List the factors what you think the
that affect the rate collision theory is
of reaction
· Define collision
· Describe how the
surface area
affects the rate of
reaction…read more

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Chemical reactions occur when
particles of reactant collide with
enough energy to react.…read more

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The rate of reaction
depends on four things:
1. Temperature
2. Concentration
3. Catalyst
4. Size of particles…read more

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Collision Theory
· Reactions take place when particles
collide with a certain amount of energy.
· The minimum amount of energy needed
for the particles to react is called the
activation energy and is different for
each reaction.
Activation energy ­ the minimum amount
of energy particles must have to react…read more

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Speeding up reactions
· Anything that increases the chance of
effective collision increases the rate (speed)
of reaction. Factors include:
· Increased surface Area
· Increased concentration
· Increased temperature
· Use of a catalyst…read more

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Surface Area
· The reactions of solids can clearly only take place at
the surface of the solid.
· If we break a solid into smaller pieces we get more
area and a faster reaction.
Molecules collide with the Extra surface for molecules to
surface of the solid collide with.…read more

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