Factors Affecting Rates of Reaction

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  • Factors Affecting Rates of Reaction
    • The more collisions in a reaction, the higher the rate of reaction
    • Temperature
      • The higher the temperatre, the faster the particles move
        • Particles collide more frequently
        • More energy for collisions to happen
    • Concentration/pressure
      • Higher concentration= more particles in the same amount of water
        • Collisions are more frequent
      • Higher pressure of gas= higher number of particles in the same space
        • Collisions are more frequent
    • Using a catalyst
      • A catalyst is a substance that speends up a reaction
        • Not used in the reaction itself
        • Isn't part of the overall equation
        • Different catalysts are needed for different reactions but they work in the same way
      • Works by decreasing the activation energy needed for the reaction to occur
        • Provides an alternative pathway with a lower activation energy
    • Surface area
      • If a reactant is a solid, you can break it down to increase the surface area to volume ratio
        • Particles around the reactant will have more area to work on
        • More frequent collisions


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