Collision Theory

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  • Reaction rates are explained well by the collision theory. It says that the rate of reaction depends on how often and how hard the reacting particles collide with each other.

The rate of reaction depends on four things:

1) Temperature

2) Concentration

3) Catalyst

4) Size of 'lumps' (surface area).

All four methods of increasing the rate of a reaction can be explained in terms of increasing the number of successful collisions between the reacting particles:

Increasing the temperature increases the rate of reaction

1) When the temperature is increased the particles all move faster.

2) If they are moving faster, they are going to have more collisions.

3) Also the faster they move the…


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Although this doesn't really go into detail about collision theory, it is however a good revision aid into rates of reaction and the four things that can increase the rate of a reaction. Foundation level



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