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This slideshow contains core revision notes for the AQA PSYA3 Cognition & Development module including core notes, studies, evaluation and issues, debates and approaches (IDA). The studies outlined in these slides are enough to get a C/B - it's up to you to explain what the findings mean and how they relate to the theory to get yourself up to the A* band! If you have any questions, please get in contact.

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Cognition & development
Theories of cognitive development
The development of moral
The development of social cognition…read more

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Theories of cognitive
Piaget's theory
Vygotsky's theory
Applications of cognitive theories to
education…read more

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Piaget's theory
· Mechanisms of development resolve mental
disequilibrium so mental ideas are consistent
with observations about the world:-
Assimilation ­ formation of new schema
Accommodation ­ adjustment of existing
schema…read more

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Piaget's stages
· Sensorimotor stage (0-2)
Interaction with the world via primary circular
Object permanence develops
Nativists ­ infants are more knowledgeable than
Piaget claims at this age
Bailleargeon & DeVos ­ children observed a carrot
when going round a track, even when hidden behind
a screen, showing object permanence…read more

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Piaget's stages
· Pre-operational stage (2-7)
Perceptual-based thinking
Egocentric thought
Don't understand the appearance-reality distinction
Incapable of reversibility of thought
Piaget's 3 mountains task ­ children chose the view
of their own perspective of 3 mountains when asked
to pick the view of a doll, showing egocentric
thought…read more

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Piaget's stages
· Concrete-operational stage (7-11)
Logical-based thinking
Can conserve quantities
Capable of reversibility of thought
Piaget altered quantities to appear larger, but it
wasn't until 7 that children knew they didn't change
in size, showing conservation of quantities…read more

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