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Clement Attlee…read more

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A film `Passport to Pimlico' was made in 1949 by film producer Michael
Bolcan. `Ealing films caught the political moment with precision'. The film
showed a growing rebellion against rationing.
People began to lose patience with the government and there was a
Great Squatters Revolt in September 1946 on Kensington High street
where empty properties were broken into and taken over.
The press were very sympathetic to the squatters and this revolt
presented the classic British tension between a demand for the good life
and order, respect for authority and fair shares for all.
The British Housewives League had no supporters as they were linked
to the Conservatives, even though they put pressure on the government
to stop rationing and wartime controls.
Festival of Britain was a chance for the government to give something
back to the public.…read more

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