A Sixties Social Revolution

(AQA) British Society between 1959-1975

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SOCIAL - (1944)

The Butler Act of 1944

-Provides education appropriate to "AGE, ABILITIES AND APTITUDES".

-Tripartite structure of grammar, secondary technical and secondary modern schools based on an 11 plus system, is developed 

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7th May 1945
- war with Germany ends

15th August 
- War with Japan comes to an end

Family Allowances Act 
- introduces child benefits to parents

Labour Government Elected
- Clement Attlee as Prime Minister

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SOCIAL - (1946)

National Insurance Act

National Health Service Act

National Assistance Act

- help create a Welfare State "from the cradle to the grave"

- In reaction to WW2, the aspirations for better lifestyles, and the deserving people

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Nationalism of coal industry begins, 1947
- coal mining passes into Government control. The need to maintain Coal supplies in both world wars was demanding. Main Labour union was the miners Miner's Federation of Great Britain, founded in 1888. The MFGB claimed 600,000 members in 1908.
-*Tension in the 1970s and Miners strike of 1972

School leaving age is raised to 15, 1947

British Nationality Act, 1948
- permits free entry into Britain for all Commonwealth citizens

National Health Service, 1948

National Insurance, 1948

National Assistance, 1948

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POLITICAL - (1950)

Labour Government Re-elected

-demonstrated the country's faith in the Labour government and Welfare State regime

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