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Teri Turnbull

Using material from Item A and elsewhere assess the view
that workingclass children underachieve because they are
culturally deprived.
Cultural deprivation refers to a lack of the `cultural equipment' they need to succeed in
school, such as, language, attitudes and values and intellectual development. Many
sociologists have stated…

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Teri Turnbull

likely to buy toys that would encourage thinking and reasoning skills; therefore, making
their child better prepared when starting school.

Item A discusses how working-class pupils under-achieve because of lack of parental
interest and stimulation in the home. The parental interest was measured by the
amount of times…

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Teri Turnbull

like Bourdieu believe that it cannot simple be blamed on one aspect of the child's life.
While sociologists like Feinstien may argue that the lack of parental interest is the sole
factor for the underachievement by working-class pupils other sociologist like Bourdieu
would argue that cultural deprivation is…


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