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  • Topic 1- Class differences in achievement: External factors
    • Cultural Deprivation
      • Internal factors - Factors within the school and education system, such as interaction between pupils.
      • External factors- factors outside the education system, such as family background, wider society and the influence of home.
        • External factors that affect pupils' educational achievement;  - Cultural deprivation       -Material deprivation       Cultural capital
          • There are 3 main aspects of cultural deprivation;     - Inellectual development    - Language
    • Material Deprivation
      • HOUSING; Poor housing can affect pupils' achievement both directly and indirectly. For example, Overcrowding can make it difficult for the child to study
      • DIET AND HEALTH; Marilyn Howard(2001) Notes that children from poorer homes have lower intakes of energy, vitamins and minerals.
      • FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND THE COSTS OF EDUCATION; Lack of financial support means that children from poor families have to do without equipment and miss out on experiences that would enhance their educational achievement.
    • Cultural Capital
      • Gewirtz: Marketisation and parental choice
        • Gewirtz identifies three main types of parents; Privileged-skilled choosers, disconnected-local choosers and semi- skilled choosers
          • Privileged- skilled choosers; These were mainly professional middle-class parents who use their economic and cultural capital to gain educational capital for their children.
          • Disconnected-local choosers; These were working class parents whose choices were restricted by their lack of economic and cultural capital. They found it difficult to understand schools admissions procedures
          • Semi-skilled choosers; These parents were also mainly working class, but unlike the disconnected-local choosers, they were ambitious for their children


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