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Feshbach and Singer (1971)
Studied 652 boys, aged 8-18, living in residential institutions-three private schools and two boy's
homes. Boys were randomly divided into two groups. First group watched only violent programmes for
6 weeks, second group only non-violent programmes. Boys who watched non-violence showed more
aggression towards others than…

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AKINTI (2003): argues that TV coverage of ethnic minorities over focuses on crime, AIDS in
Africa, and black underachievement in schools, whilst ignoring the culture and interests and
age and their rich contribution to UK society. IN other words, news about black communities
seems to be `bad news'.
AGBETU (2006):…




This a really good summary which is not only concise but also easy to use. Identifies a very healthy amount of key theories which are nicely and concisely summarized. Could definitely be turned into flashcards and developed in order to incorporate more detail.

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