Neo-Marxist Views on Ownership and Control

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  • Neo-Marxist
    • Look further than social class and focus on gender, ethnicity and sexuality
      • Interested in the ways that the culture of the ruling class is dominant in society
    • Hegemony
      • The dominance of a particular set of ideas
      • Spread through different institutions (e.g. education and religion)
      • The media are seen as having a key role in reinforcing hegemony
    • Focus less on the role of owners and recognise the role of media professionals
      • They contend tha most media professionals are white, middle class males from similar sociala dn educational backgrounds
        • Therefore, they share a similar world view which will be presented in the material they produce
          • Alternative views are neglected because they go against their norms and values - but this is dome unconciously
    • Hall et al (1995) described the ways in which the media supported the role of the police and other legial structures at a time where people were beginning to question their relevance in society
    • Neo-Marxists are critical of media trends
      • They're also concerened that the rise of transnational companies has led to cultural domination of American-owned companies
        • As a result, the uniqueness of regional countries is eroding
      • Fails to recognise the growing numer of female and/or ethnic media professionals
      • The recent increase in technology means there are a wider range of views available


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