Chronology 1945-90

All the important events in chronological order, dated.

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1945 ­ Overwhelming Labour Victory. Attlee becomes PM.
Family Allowance Act
1946 ­ National Insurance Act
Industrial Injuries Act
Nationalization of coal, civil aviation, Cable and Wireless, Bank of
1946-7 Severe winter intensified the governments austerity measure
1947 ­ Government undertook to develop Britain's independent nuclear
Nationalization of road transport and electricity services
Independence of India
1948 ­ NHS began
National Assistance Act
Britain began to receive the Marshall Plan aid
1949 ­ Nationalization of iron and steel
Government forced to devalue the pound
1950 ­ Start of the Korean War
Election reduced Labour's majority to just five seats
1951 ­ Bevanite rebellion over prescription charges
Conservatives win the general election, though Labour gained highest
popular vote. Churchill becomes PM for second time aged 77
1952 ­ UK's first atomic bomb tested
1953 ­ End of the Korean War
1955 ­ Conservative election victory. Anthony Eden becomes PM
1956 ­ The Suez affair
1957 ­ UK's first hydrogen bomb tested
Homicide Act
Rent Act
1958 ­ Life peerages introduced
1959 ­ Conservatives win general election/ Harold Macmillan becomes PM.
UK a founding member of EFTA

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­ Macmillan's `wind of change' speech
Labour conference adopted unilateralism
1962 ­ Commonwealth Immigration Act
Cuban Missile Crisis
1963 ­ UK's application to joining the EEC is vetoed by De Gaulle
Profumo Affair
Macmillan retired as PM, succeeded by Alec Douglas-Home
1964 ­ Labour win the general election.…read more

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­ Referendum on EEC membership
1976 ­ Callaghan succeeded Wilson as PM
IMF crisis
1977 ­ Lib-Lab pact
1978-9 - Winter of discontent
1979 ­ Labour lose general election to conservatives.…read more


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