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1945 ­ Overwhelming Labour Victory. Attlee becomes PM.
Family Allowance Act

1946 ­ National Insurance Act
Industrial Injuries Act
Nationalization of coal, civil aviation, Cable and Wireless, Bank of

1946-7 Severe winter intensified the governments austerity measure

1947 ­ Government undertook to develop Britain's independent nuclear

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1960 ­ Macmillan's `wind of change' speech
Labour conference adopted unilateralism

1962 ­ Commonwealth Immigration Act
Cuban Missile Crisis

1963 ­ UK's application to joining the EEC is vetoed by De Gaulle
Profumo Affair
Macmillan retired as PM, succeeded by Alec Douglas-Home

1964 ­ Labour win the general election. Wilson…

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1975 ­ Referendum on EEC membership

1976 ­ Callaghan succeeded Wilson as PM
IMF crisis

1977 ­ Lib-Lab pact

1978-9 - Winter of discontent

1979 ­ Labour lose general election to conservatives. Thatcher becomes PM

1980 ­ Monetarism policies adopted

1981 ­ Riots in a number of cities
Serious slump…


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