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Essay Planning
Explain the differences between Act and Rule
utilitarianism. (25 marks)…read more

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Describe the main strengths of a Utilitarian ethical system
(25 marks)…read more

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Topic 5: Religious Ethics
The main ethical principles of the religion studied and
how the followers of the religion make ethical
· The ways in which religion and morality may seem
to be linked or be seen as separate from each other;
· How far morality may be seen as dependant on God
(Divine Command theory);
· How far religious ethics may be seen as absolutist
or relativist;
· How ethical theories may be considered religious.…read more

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Put yourself in the position of someone
who has got pregnant and is considering
an abortion. Create a decision map to
show how you would get to your final
Start E.g. Speak to
friends…read more

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Think back....
Natural Law How do these
theories relate to
Situation Ethics…read more

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Old and New Testament
Old (Judaism) New (Jesus)
Genesis ­ Creation Story, Gospels ­ Matthew, Mark
Adam and Eve, Temptation. Luke and John
Exodus ­ Moses Life and Paul's teachings and
Achievements letters ­ Romans,
David and Goliath Corinthians, Galatians,
Prophets Ephesians…read more

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