Christian Ethics

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  • Christian Ethics
    • A Jewish Foundation
      • Christianity has Jewish roots because Jesus was born and brought up a Jew.
        • This is reflected through the Christian scriptures because the largest section of the bible, the old testament, is also known as the Hebrew bible.
      • Many Jews believe that the first 5 books of the bible (The Torah) contains the precise words that God use to tell humanity how to lead their lives.
      • The moral principle behind Jewish moral principles is that God is loving and just.
      • For some Christians and Jews, the Ten Commandments (the Decalogue) are a set of deontological, absolute rules.
    • The Ethics of Jesus
      • As Jesus is the son of God, everything that he said and did on earth carried some weight or status as though it came directly from God.
      • If any of his ethical theories contradict that of the Old testament, his word normally takes precedence.
      • Jesus always acted out of love and compassion.
        • Example: "Love thy neighbour."
      • God wants us to follow Jesus's teachings so that we would end up in the Kingdom of heaven and in the ultimate union with him.
    • The Role of Saint Paul
      • He interpreted Jesus' teachings after Jesus' death.
      • "Their conduct shows what the law commands is written in their hearts."
    • The Law of Love
      • Paul developed the fact that Jesus' main ethical principle was the law of love.


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