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  • Christian ethics
    • jesus
      • love is the main teaching of jesus
      • love is central between god and others "love god and love your neighbour as yourself
      • jesus's sermon on the mount shows moral teachings and how to put them into practise
      • eg luke's gospel shows how it can be put into practice by helping the poor and unfortunate
    • conscience
      • not a feeling/voice of god within but reason and judgement
      • can be mistaken so needs to be well educated
      • for the quakers conscience is an inner light which god used to guide them
    • st paul
      • asks christians to interpret jesus' teachings and put them into practise in everyday life eg kindness and generosity
      • teaches that community should be bound by love
      • no concern with changing society as a whole as god would soon come and establish his kingdom
    • situation ethics
      • what is the most loving thing to do
    • the church
      • not a building but an institution of teaching inspired by god
      • catholic church=the oldest
      • interprets the bible, building up a mass amount of tradition and teachings on a range of ethical issues
    • no single approach there is alot of variation
    • things like the bible, natural law and situation ethics are used to make an ethical decision
    • some laws from the bible still stand eg the 10 commandments
    • christian denominations focus on biblical teachings that fit their own beliefs


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