Chapter One - Algebra and Functions - Dividing by Polynomials

A worked example of a question envolving dividing by polynomials. Includes questions to test yourself, worked answers, colour coding and - get this - a SMILEY FACE!

Hope it's useful - please remember to comment on it! Thank you!!

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The question: "Divide x + 6x + 8x + 3 by ( x + 1) "

Ok, I think the best way to tackle this is to explain by example...:

Essentially, what you're doing is taking away terms to get to…

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Sometimes, you'll get numbers leftover at the end ­ i.e. you won't get zero at
the end.
Also, you'll probably have to divide by x minus something ­ in which case,
you'll have to be aware of whether you multiply the polynomial by a positive or
a negative number.

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For the rest of the answers, use the back of your Core Mathematics 2 Edexcel
textbook! =]

(Sorry, I've given up on using my computer to write out all the answers... )


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