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Chapter 1 ­ Algebra and functions…read more

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Polynomial division (Grid method)
E.g. (x3 + 2x2 -17x +6 ) ÷ (x-3)
x2 +5x -2
x x3 +5x2 -2x
-3 -3x2 -15x +6…read more

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Factor theorem
E.g. Show x-6 is a factor of x3 + 2x2 -17x +6
Step 1: x-6=0, x=6
Step 2: Sub x=6 into f(x)
Step 3: If f(6) is equal to zero, x-6 is a
factor…read more

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Chapter 2- Sine and cosine rule…read more

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Sine rule
A…read more

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Lucy Carr


This is soo useful thanks :)

James Neilson


This is great thanks.



Very good, brief yet complete and would be great for long term revision and also a few days before the exam just as a look over. It has clear sections and titles so you can find what you are looking for if you want to look at a particular section. This is the same with the S1 FlashCards. Thank-you very much for these fantastic resources!

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