C2 Maths Chapter 1

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Algebraic Long Division Algebraic long division is very similar to traditional long division (which you may have come across earlier in your education). The easiest way to explain it is to work through an example.

If the polynomial/ expression that you are dividing has a term in x missing, add such a term by placing a zero in front of it. For example, if you are dividing x³ + x - 4 by something, rewrite it as x³ + 0x² + x - 4 . 

With algebraic long division, practise makes perfect- the best way to learn how to do them properly is to do loads of examples until you get them right every time.

The Factor Theorem
This states: If (x – a) is a factor of the polynomial f(x), then f(a) = 0

In other words, if a polynomial f(x) can be divided by (x - a…


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