Change and continuity in medicine through the ages

The advancements and the hinderances in the development of medicine, age by age from prehistoric to 20th century. I created the document to help me in the exam questions which ask you to compare the differences in medicine in the different ages, I hope it's useful to you.

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Continuity Change

Prehistoric -Illness was believed to be caused N/A
by the supernatural and evil spirits
-Witch doctors and magic rituals
played a big part in prehistoric
-One cure that was used was the
trephining of skulls to `let out evil
-Prehistoric medicine also involved
the use of…

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library containing many medical books was
established and, for a time, human
dissection was allowed.
-Greek doctors and their ideas spread
across the ancient civilisations around the
-Doctors were allowed to dissect bodies,
this lead to the discovery that the brain, not
the heart, controls the movement of the…

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-Public health was still horrible, -People became richer and some could
towns were full of rats, fleas and afford doctors
lice -The invention of new weapons
-Most people couldn't afford (gunpowder) meant that there were new
doctors and most doctors weren't kinds of wounds, and cures were discovered
trained in…


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