CGPwned: Your WJEC AS Physics Notes!

Well I'm doing my AS levels now and like I did with GCSE, I wrote up some revision notes which will help me!:) NOTE: THIS IS NOT COMPLETE AND THERE WILL BE CHANGES (mainly cos i'm not even sure about what i needa learn so i'm probs gonna start cutting down stuff when it comes to pastpaper practise).

Oh by the way, I do agree that my GCSE science notes were pretty damn ugly. But I wanted to keep it consistent LOL. Anyways A-levels is like a new course now. Hence a new, much more professional layout (I hope!). And I guess less jokes as well cos I really just wanna get on with it.

Anyways this guide contains the following:

  • Material from the 2009-onwards WJEC syllabus
  • Detailed explanations and diagrams
  • Covers a wide range of topics

Just in case you were wondering, yes I did content (alot actually) off the AQA textbook AND the tiny WJEC physics textbook (that's the only one they have for wjec lol); as well as class notes.

Mmkay enjoy!


1. How long did it take? If I had to do it all at once, it would take me a hell of a long time. But I didn't.

2. Why is it soooo long? It's not really - it's alot shorter than textbooks and has the stuff you needa learn + explanations. Because I don't really like reading explanations off textbooks. Cos sometimes they page-fill and that's annoying.

Update #1: This is like, finally complete. Probs needa add more content later when I'm doing the papers.

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Harshil Patel


hey I am currently doing as wjec physics. Can you please give me any links that helped you thanks