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Physics Revision Notes:
Forces and Motion

Measuring motion and describing graphs:

Speed = distance/ time

Acceleration =Change in speed (or velocity)
time taken for the change

Acceleration is measured in the unit ms-2


Resultant force- The overall force acting on an object, e.g. on the truck below, the resultant…

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Force = 700kg x 0.05ms-2
Force = 35kN (kilo Newtons)

Types of Force:

Forces acting against the motion Forces acting to make an object Forces acting against
of an object move the weight of an object
Friction Thrust Up thrust
Drag Driving Force
Air Resistance
Gravity can be grouped…

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Equations and how to use them:

Work Done-

Anytime energy is used to do something, it is said that work is done. An example of this might be to
lift a box onto a table. To calculate `work done,' you must know the distance an object is moved etc.

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Safety Features-

Cars are designed to convert KE from the crash into different forms of energy, safe for the

Crumple zones, on the front and backs of cars, are designed to crumple easily, so kinetic
energy is put into changing their shape
Air bags increase the time of the…


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