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Megan Nolan

Triple Physics Revision Notes:
Using Waves

Plane waves:

Amplitude- The maximum displacement (movement) from its origin, the x-axis
Trough- The lowest point of the wave
Crest- The highest point of the wave
Wavelength/ lambda ­ The time taken for one complete oscillation
Compression- The point in a longitudinal…

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Megan Nolan


Original ray- ray of Incidence

The angle of incidence (angle I) is equal to the angle of
reflection (angle R).

Because the glass block has a higher
density than the air, the ray slows down and
bends towards the normal.
The higher the incident ray, the smaller…

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Megan Nolan


Optic fibres use total internal reflection to bounce the rays of information within a hollow cable:

Sonar is used by bats in echo-location to locate things such as
flies in the air, and also by submarines to locate schools of fish,
or to find the depth of…

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Megan Nolan

Slow waves Slow waves
Move up and down & horizontally Move in a circular motion


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