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Triple Physics Revision Notes:
Motion and Collision

Speed, Velocity and Motion:

Speed is simply how fast you're going- distance/ time. This is usually measured in ms-1 in physics

Velocity is the speed of an object, in a given direction. Therefore it includes speed, as above, as well
as a direction.…

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This is the quantity of motion of a moving body- the speed and strength at which it's moving.
Momentum can be either positive or negative, and cannot be created (from nothing) or destroyed,
only transferred from one object to another- during collision. It is measured in kgms-1 as it…

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Velocity is a vector quantity, therefore it takes into account both force (speed) and direction. Since it
is velocity which is used to calculate acceleration, acceleration is also a vector. An object can,
therefore, accelerate without changing its speed.

For example, a Ferris wheel spins at a constant speed, but…

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The following formula page will be at the front of the Physics 3 exam


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