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Causes of poverty.…read more

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General causes
Political instability
Natural disaster
Poor education
Lack of resources
Poor equity and distribution
Racial segregation
Gender inequality…read more

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Malawi - Background
Malawi is a landlocked country in sub-Saharan Africa. It is boarded by Tanzania and
One of the least developed countries in the world, with an economy based mainly in agriculture
11% of the adult population live with HIV/AIDS and L.E is low (52)
86% of the population live in rural areas
Population= 10 million
Birth rate= 39/1000
Death rate= 23/1000
GN per capita= $170 (US)…read more

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Malawi- Communication/infrastructure
Of the 28,400km of roads, 5,254km are unpaved dirt tracks
In the dry season they are cracked and full of pot holes, in the wet season they are mud pits and
As a result, people can't access markets to trade goods and rural communities cannot access
health care and other services.
Rural villages economies suffer as there is no income, levels of productivity and health fall,
increasing poverty rates and resulting in low GDP nationally.
To reduce poverty rates, investment needs to made into infrastructure, allowing movement
around the country.…read more

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Malawi- Internet access
In 1994 the internet was introduced to Malawi
One provider Malawi net
High cost ($50 set up, and $30 monthly)
Only 2500 subscribers in 1999
1/4000 have access
People cannot access education, health care advice, weather reports, news, markets or
buy/sell goods
To improve: OLPC, aid- computers donated to rural areas, education (both adult and child)
health care, and trade will improve…read more

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Malawi- Rural deprivation
Typical farmers spend 5 hours a say walking to/from work and market
This reduces productivity as much time and energy is wasted and not spent tending crops
Low productivity = low yields = low income = cycle of poverty
Children in rural areas cannot be sent to school as they are needed to help farm
Poor education intergenerational poverty and low levels of development and economic success
To improve= investments in infrastructure and education…read more

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