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By Suweiba + Aliyah…read more

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· Make Poverty History is the name of a campaign established in 2005,
that exists in a number of countries, including Australia, Canada,
Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Romania, South Africa,
Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the United
· The campaign is generally a coalition of aid and development agencies
which work together to raise awareness of global poverty and achieve
policy change by the government.
· Make Poverty History set out a timescale revolving around the 31st G8
summit in Gleneagles, Scotland on July 6, 2005 and also created Live 8
amongst other events to fundraise money for the cause.
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Why was the campaign so desirable?
· The campaign is spear headed
by celebrity personality such as
Bono and Bob Geldof.
· It was also supported by a
variety of celebrities which
increased public donations and
· Because of pervious campaigns
such as live aid by bono and Bob
Geldof, public awareness was
raised making the general public
want to donate and be
associated with this campaign.
· The images shown allowed
public to feel pity and empathy
for those who were
disadvantaged.…read more

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What does the campaign hope to
Make poverty History set out to
achieve 8 millennium Development
Goals (MDGs) by 2015, these
consisted of:
·End world poverty
·Universal Primary Education
·Promote Gender Equality and empower
·Reduce child mortality rates
·Improve maternal health
·Combat HIV/AIDs, Malaria and other
·Ensure Environmental Sustainability
·Develop a Global Partnership for
Development…read more

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What will be the lasting impact on
· They have established a
legacy, and raised public
awareness of LDC.
· Bob Geldof and Bono will
forever remembered for their
lasting impact in developing
countries for their make
poverty history campaign.
· They have also helped to
decrease poverty.
· They have had an impact on
the political world with many
politicians backing the case.…read more

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Criticisms of the Campaign...
· Some critics, such as Theodore
Dalrymple, allege that debt relief and
aid are used to fund lavish lifestyles for
the ruling class.
· the Left-wing activist Alex Callinicos
wrote that "disbanding of mph has a lot
to do with the interests of the big NGOs
that dominated it" and that "scrapping
mph was an utterly shameful decision.
It can only promote the belief that those
who currently dominate the world are
benevolent figures who will, with a few
pushes from below, continue to take
'small steady steps forwards'".
· Further criticism derives from the fact
that some of these wristbands were
proven to have been produced by forced
labourers in Chinese sweatshops…read more

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