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Child and pensioner
·UK…read more

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Child poverty- causes
Main causes of poverty in the UK are;
Single parent families
For each job there are at least five unsuccessful applicants
Some families live on £72 a week (just under £1200 a year)
¾ of children in Leicester are in poverty
Glasgow is the poor city in the UK…read more

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Child poverty- impacts
Out of the 12 richest countries- the UK has the least chance of escaping child poverty
3.5 million children live in poverty
1 million homes in the UK are unfit to live in
Many of these homes are full of damp
Children in damp homes are 2½ times more likely to suffer chronic illness
47% of children with asthma are form the poorest 10% of the UK
85% of children living in damp flats suffer breathing problems
Some children miss lunch
Dirty, ripped, second hand clothes, often too small
Social isolation- low self esteem- bullying- self harm- suicide, 1/6 children consider suicide…read more

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Pensioner poverty- causes
Compulsory retirement age- people cannot continue to work and have
to use pension (30% decrease between last salary and first pension)
Benefits have to be applied for, the elderly do not know what they are
entitled to or how to apply - £5 billion is left unclaimed each year
People who have worked all their life do not want to claim benefits as
they have pride and do not want to be a `drain'
State pension is £115.95 (single) 231.90 (couple)…read more

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Pensioner poverty- impacts
2 million pensioners are in poverty in the UK
1 million under 50% of the poverty line ( ½ of $(US)1.25 per day)
Fuel poverty- people chose between eating and keeping warm
822 people fall into poverty everyday
5 million households live in fuel poverty
Between 2007-8 there were 27,480 excess winter deaths caused by lack of food or heating
Crisis payment have to be made to the most vulnerable
35,000 pensioners in Portsmouth are in poverty…read more


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