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Case Study: Transmigration in Indonesia p114
Where is Indonesia?
Indonesia is a collection of islands to the north of Australia.
What islands are in the core and periphery?
Indonesia can be divided into a core area that includes the big cities and islands of Java,
Madura and Bali, and a poorer periphery.
What is the transmigration policy and why was it introduced?
The transmigration policy was established to try and encourage people to migrate from the
country's core to the periphery because 60% of the population live on Java itself with a
population still growing due to migrants in search of work
How did the government encourage migrants to move? What are the benefits?
The migrants are given free transport, free land and housing and other assistance such as
food and fertilizer for the first twelve months.
What are the social, economic and environmental problems with the schemes? Use
diagrams if it helps you to remember the key facts.
Political problems Environmental problems Socio economic
The migration has Many islands have infertile acid soils Conflict between the
only had a small About 10% of new settlements have traditional farmers
impact because it already failed because of the poor and the newcomers
moves far fewer soils who were given
people that the Some sites have been badly effected money and land
population increase by the volcanic activity of flooding Productivity is low,
on Java leaving some farmers
The rain forests, which are the
The administration is world's second largest after those in still needing support
inefficient the Amazon Basin and contain over after a year
The costs to the 100 mammals found nowhere else in Some native tribes
Government are high the world, have been damaged have lost land and
The programme Fortynine million hectares of forest been forced to move
relies on aid from have been cleared in the past 30years to other areas
abroad, e.g from the for logging and agriculture
World Bank

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When the vegetation is cleared the
soils are soon leached, making them
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