Case study: Moore tornado, USA

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Global issues climatic hazards
Case study: Moore tornado May 2013
Located in tornado alley, which is an area from South Dakota to central
Texas, where warm humid air from the Gulf of Mexico, hot dry air from
Arizona and New Mexico and cool air from Canada meet. These conditions
can collide and create thunderstorms needed for a tornado
The tornado was hard to predict so more damage occurred as only a 20
minute warning was possible
Struck a densely populated area of Moore meaning more people and
buildings were at risk
24 killed
1,150 homes destroyed
$2bn worth of damage
2 schools badly hit killing several children
340,000 homes without power
Major roads closed due to debris
Insurance claims of more than $1bn
100 people rescued from rubble
Urban search and rescue teams deployed
Major state disaster declared prompting federal aid to be sent to affected
Prompted heavier efforts to be put into detecting tornadoes earlier so more
effective warnings can be given
Warnings given for potential tornadoes but not for when a tornado will
actually touchdown.


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