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Case study: environmental
issues in London
Urbanisation, AS geography, OCR:
air pollution, traffic congestion,
water pollution, urban dereliction,
waste disposal…read more

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Air pollution
Levels of air pollution have fallen over past 50 yrs due
· 1956 clean air act
· Deindustrialisation- less emissions from industry
· Less heat their homes using coal fires
· Tougher laws on vehicles and emissions
· Low emission zone- vehicles giving out high emissions
are banned…read more

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Traffic congestion
· Congestion charge has eased traffic congestion in
central London
Main problem is persuading people to use public
· Oyster cards introduced to encourage people to use
public buses
· Encouraging people to cycle more with the
introduction of `Boris bikes' and increased amounts of
cycle paths to make cycling in the city safer…read more

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Water pollution
· 95% properties have piped water
· Main issue is consumption as London is in the driest
area of the UK
· London's aquifer is depleting
· River Thames is less polluted than 50 years ago, but
still unclean…read more

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Urban dereliction
Dereliction mainly in east London following
deindustrialisation. Regeneration projects have reduced
the amount recently. Target for 60% of all homes in UK to
be built on Brownfield sites.
Challenges for brownfield site development:
· Expensive- old buildings have to be demolished and land
has to be cleared and made safe before construction can
· Can be surrounded by other brownfield sites putting
developers off due to unattractive surroundings
· Reason why area is derelict in first place can put
developers off (high crime, low employment, house prices)…read more

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Urban dereliction
· Access- hard to get building supplies to the area as it
is located in the inner city
· Greenfield sites more attractive to developers due to
easier access, cheaper to clear, less congestion etc.…read more

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Lacks citations and appropriate depth of analysis of claimed drivers

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