Environmental Issues Associated With Urban Change (case study) - OCR Geography (London and Mumbai)

Two detailed case studies outlining some of the most important environmental issues associated with urban change. This looks at the differences in water supply, waste management, atmospheric pollution, traffic and transport, brownfield sites and floodplanes between London and Mumbai

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Year 12 ­ Managing Urban Change
Case study comparing the environmental issues associated with urban
Environme London Mumbai
ntal Issue
Safe, piped water Nearby lakes collect water
Very high demand Demand exceeds the
Water Driest part of the country amount of water available
supply The demand is continually Many don't have access to
increasing safe piped water.
Piped sewage systems/sceptic 5000 metric tons of waste
tanks a day
Waste Rising amount of rubbish The government can't
managem 4.4 million tonnes of household cope with the amount of
ent waste a year (6.5 billion by 2020) waste
500 collection vehicles, 18 landfill Some rubbish is just
sites, 2 incinerators, 23 recycling dumped
centres, 2 compost centres, 2 Health risks
energy-from-waste plants. Unscientific and chaotic
Amount of litter exceeds amount landfill sites
of space Ground water polluted
76% of rubbish transported out High rates of cholera,
of the capital dysentery, jaundice and
In quarry's, clay provides an typhoid
impermeable barrier, so waste Expensive to clear up
doesn't leak through Services aren't provided to
Methane from some landfill sites residents
is collected and then used to Frequently left uncollected
power nearby homes
Levels have improved Very high levels of asthma
significantly recently due to a and respiratory problems
Atmosphe series of clean air acts. due to air pollution
ric Many issues that were causing Lots of nearby factories
pollution bad health have been reduced causing pollution
LEDC's are claiming that MEDC's Garbage burning
are `exporting' their pollution to Insufficient control over
them. vehicle emission levels
Congestion charges have eased 90% use public transport
the traffic in London because it's quick, cheap
The main problem is persuading and reliable
people to leave their cars at Low car ownership

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Traffic home and use public transport to Congested roads (591
and commute vehicles per square km)
transport 60,000 road deaths a year
There is extensive use of Lots of derelict land
brownfield sites in the inner city The government has no
Brownfield ring money to invest in
sites Schemes such as canary wharf regeneration
have given more publicity to the Some sites are occupied
potential of regeneration by squatter settlements,
Building on brownfield sites which are illegal.
means dealing with
contamination risks.…read more


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