Environmental Issues Associated With Urban Change (case study) - OCR Geography (London and Mumbai)

Two detailed case studies outlining some of the most important environmental issues associated with urban change. This looks at the differences in water supply, waste management, atmospheric pollution, traffic and transport, brownfield sites and floodplanes between London and Mumbai

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Year 12 ­ Managing Urban Change

Case study comparing the environmental issues associated with urban

Environme London Mumbai
ntal Issue

Safe, piped water Nearby lakes collect water
Very high demand Demand exceeds the
Water Driest part of the country amount of water available
supply The demand is continually Many…

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Traffic home and use public transport to Congested roads (591
and commute vehicles per square km)
transport 60,000 road deaths a year

There is extensive use of Lots of derelict land
brownfield sites in the inner city The government has no
Brownfield ring money to invest in
sites Schemes such…


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