Case Study: Detroit (USA)

Hey, here is a case study on Detroit's car industry (USA). I hope this helps you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :D

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Detroit Case Study
Country: USA
Location: Michigan State, East of USA, North America
The car was the main form of transport
Lots of open space in America
Why Detroit:
By chance
Henry Ford happened to live there
There are steel making factories around
Ships can reach Detroit easily
Involves 3 car manufacturers: Henry Ford, Crozier, General Motor
Benefits of Detroit's car industry:
Car industry put the city on the map
Boomed in the 1st half century
The 1st mass production line introduced by Henry Ford
Helped with public services (building mansions, skyscrapers, entertainment e.g. FOX)
Changed the wages to $5 a day, when the average was $9 a week which invited many people
to the area
Now more than 80 langauges are spoken in Detroit
2/3 of the people in Detroit are afro-american
Detroit has grown to 5,000km2
Houses with large gardens, good conditions, safe, people moved to the suburbs making the
city grow
Decline in car industry:
In 1970s oil prices shot up
The Japanese cars were competition (Toyota etc)
Drop in order of American cars as the Japanese cars were cheaper
Effects of decline:
Workers were laid off in there 1000s
Buildings in Detroit collapsed, roads were left in bad condition
Shops were closed downtown
Became sparsely populated
Detroit split in to two: dying centre and a large suburbia
Rise in industry once again:

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In 1994 American cars came back, as they sold the most cars in the world
They learnt from the Japanese, using assembly lines
With the assembly lines, each worker is given more responsibility, more education, each job
is more hi-tech, but still receive high wages ($50,000 a year at least)
Downtown looks better, with a built renaissance centre (by Henry Ford)
Other jobs such as shops have come back to Detroit too
The industry helps with the employees children's education, good cars, good home…read more


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