Car safety recap GCSE Physics

Just in case anyone is strugglin with this topic heres a word document with information and questions about it. :)


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1 mile = 1609 metres 1 minute = 60 seconds 1 hour = 60 minutes
To change miles per hour to metres per second, we divide the number of metres in a mile by
the number of seconds in an hour:
1 m.p.h. (1 m/h) = 1609 m/s
= 0 .447 m/sec
We will approximate this to 0. 45 m/ s. So 0.45m/s is equal to 1 m/h
So complete the table:
Speed (m/h) Speed (m/s)
10 4.5
The Highway Code calculates the stopping distances for cars travelling at different
speeds. It combines the distance that it takes for the driver to realise they need to brake
(the THINKING DISTANCE) and the distance that it actually takes to stop once the brakes
have been pressed (the BRAKING DISTANCE).
The table below shows these distances, fill in the gaps:
Speed Speed (m/s) Thinking Braking Total Total distance
(m/h) distance (m) distance distance to to stop in wet
(m) stop (m) weather (m)
20 9.0 6 6 12
30 9 14
40 18.0 24
50 38

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These distances are doubled in wet conditions, complete the final column.…read more


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