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Physics ­ Electricity

Charge is the amount of electricity
It is measured in coulombs (C )
Symbol is Q
Current is charge per second
the flow of electric charge around the circuit
only flows if there is a potential difference
It is measured in Amps (A) ­ measured…

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Potential difference current graphs

It is the plot of current against voltage (I on the y axis and V on the x axis)

1. For different resisters ­ At a constant temperature the current is directly proportional to the voltage, as current
increases then so will voltage. Different resistors will…

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2. Current is the same anywhere in the circuit ­ determined by the amount of supply and the amount of
3. Resistance adds up ­ R = R1 + R2... #
4. Cell (power supply) voltages add up i.e. one battery of 12v = 12v but two batteries of…

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Inside the plug there should be no copper showing because it could touch the inside of the plug and burn it
The cable grip should be firm ­ to prevent pulling on the wires
Different appliances need different amount of current ­ the thicker the cable to less resistance…

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