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Momentum and Collisions

Momentum = mass x velocity (p = m x v)

Momentum (p) is a property of moving objects.
The greater the mass of an object the greater its velocity and the more momentum the object has
Momentum has both size and direction (a vector)

Momentum for…

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Cars are designed to convert this kinetic energy safely ­ they increase the time over which momentum
change happens ­ this lessens the force on the passenger
o E.g. Crumple zones ­ the front and back will crumple up on impact ­ kinetic energy converted to
change the cars shape…

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Only electrons can be transferred!

Opposites attract and likes repel

Charges can move easily through conductors (like metals)

Safety measures - higher tier only
The chance of receiving an electric shock can be reduced if:

An object that might become charged is connected to the Earth by an earth wire,…


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