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Angela Emma Rudd BMA
15th October

Business Studies ­ Marketing Objectives, Strategy and
Tactics Notes

SMART Marketing Objectives
A marketing objective is a target set by the marketing function. It sets goals for
the firm to achieve in terms of marketing activities.

Marketing Strategy and Tactics
A strategy is the…

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Angela Emma Rudd BMA
15th October

Types of Marketing Strategy
There are many types of marketing strategies. Including niche marketing and
mass marketing.

Niche Marketing
This occurs when a firm focuses on a specific segment of the market with which
the major competitors are not concerned.
There are a number…

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Angela Emma Rudd BMA
15th October

What Determines a Marketing Strategy?
As we have seen a firms marketing strategy must be derived from its
marketing objectives.
The strategy must be linked to opportunities within the market.
A firm's plan must also be related to its own strengths and resources.




This 3 sheet document details the important difference between objectives, strategy and tactics and provides examples. Useful for students struggling with this area of unit 4.

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