F291 Objectives

About objectives for F291 exam.

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Kinds of objetives

Strategic objectives,

Long-term objectives, for example to achieve a 10% growth in sales within 3 years.

Tactical objectives,

These are short term objectives that are crated to help a business reach its strategic objectives. Likely to be the day to day activities of the business. For example for a business to increase sales over 3 years a tactical objective could be for the marketing department to advertise to a larger or more relevant audience.

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Setting the objectives

The objectives set by the business need to be SMART.

S - Specific. It is improtant that everyone understands the objective.

M - Measurable. The object shouls be measured so that success can be determined.

A - Agreed. The objectives need to be agreed between different departments othrwise they can conflict with each other.

R - Realistic. The business should not set an object that they cannot reach. This could end up wasting time and creating poor morel and motivation within employees.

T - Time. The objectives need to have a time restriction. Whats the point in setting an objective when it can be achieved in 20 years. It wont motivate employes to reach the objective.

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A SWOT analysis can help a company to find and create good objectives.





of the business can be found then targeted with objectives.

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