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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

People and Organisations

Motivation in Practice
Why put theory into Practice?
Businesses have come under pressure to supply high quality goods at low prices, and
markets have become extremely competitive. A highly motivated workforce can give
a business a competitive edge over its…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

A company car
Luncheon vouchers
Private health insurance
Employers contributions to pension schemes
Discounts for company products

Firms tend to use fringe benefits to encourage an employee to be loyal and to
reduce the proportion of employees leaving the firm. A danger of…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

This can be a development of profit sharing schemes. Some businesses pay their
employees share of the profits in the form of company shares. Share ownership
schemes vary enormously in their operation. Some businesses offer employees the
opportunity to purchase shares after saving…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

Job Enlargement
Job enlargement does not increase the complexity of tasks carried out by an
employee. Instead it increases the number of similar duties. Job enlargement offers
benefits to the employee in that carrying out a range of duties, rather than a single…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

some of the higher needs identified by Maslow such as esteem needs. Similarly team
working offers some of the Herzberg's motivators e.g. achievement.

Which Motivators are Best?
The type of nonmonetary forms of motivation used by businesses depends upon a
number of factors:…


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