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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

People and Organisations

Leadership and Management styles
What is the Difference between Leadership and Management?
A significant feature in modern businesses is that the distinction between
management and leadership is becoming blurred.

Management ­ is the process of setting objectives and making the…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

Authoritarian Paternalistic Democratic

Description Senior managers Dictatorial, Running a business
take all the decisions are taken on the basis of
decisions with little in the best majority decisions.
involvement of interest of
junior employees. employees

Key Features Sets objectives Explains Encourages
Allocates tasks…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

Paternalistic Leadership
Paternalistic leadership is autocratic in approach but leaders take decisions in what
they consider to be the best interests of the workforce. In these circumstances
leaders will explain decisions and may engage in a limited amount of delegation.
However paternalistic leaders…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

The average employee dislikes work Working Is as natural as play or rest
and will avoid it if possible. for the average employee

People must be controlled and The typical worker does not have an
directed and punished is necessary to in built…


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