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Business Studies Steve Emma Rudd BMA

Business Studies ­ Objectives and Strategies Business Objectives

Corporate Aims and Goals
The corporate aim is the overall purpose of the business. Businesses have many
individual aims not just making a profit.

The Mission Statement
Organisations often produce their aims in the form…

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Business Studies Steve Emma Rudd BMA

Social considerations
Employee welfare

Most organisations set out to make a profit. This profit can be used to reward
owners and invest into the firm. Profit is vital for growth and to increase the wealth
and income of the owners. To achieve…

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Business Studies Steve Emma Rudd BMA

Why Have Objectives?
By agreeing objectives with other members in the organisation, managers can
ensure that everyone is working to the same overall goal. Without clear objectives
people may tend to do their own thing.

Objectives can also be very motivating for employees because…


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