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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

People and Organisations

Management by Objectives (MBO)
Management by objectives emphasises the central role of objectives in business
management. According to the theory of management by objectives, managers
Identify and agree targets for achievement with subordinates
Negotiate the support that will be…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

simple task repeatedly. The team of people is likely to be working on a large task,
for example installing an engine in a car.

Team working is common within organisations and often accompanies delayering.
Major multinational organisations have organised their business on the…

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Business Steve ­ Notes Emma Rudd BMA

Forms of Consultation
Consultation can take place informally within an organisation when managers have
discussions with employees. As an organisation grows, consultation is likely to
become more formal. Paternalistic leaders often used work councils to gain
employees views on major issues.

The degree…


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