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Business ethics considers the relationship between business and consumers, employers and
employees and between the enjoyment and globalisation. Business ethics most clearly has become
very important in recent years as people become more aware of moral responsibility. With business
now winning prestigious award to commend there business e.g.…

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And the book of Matthew teaches that we cannot serve both God and money
Different religious sector take different view e.g. Protestant takes an individualist approach.
Protestants have a very individual approach and focus on people being brought forward to
their purpose e.g. a business man could be praised for…

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Act and rule strong and weak Unitarianism would have different things to say when
considering the environment and the use of fair trade and child labour
A qualified employee would have to give up his job if it meant that the business would
An farmer would have to give…

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stakeholder theory was first proposed in the book Strategic Management: A Stakeholder
Approach by R. Edward Freeman and outlines how management can satisfy the interests
of stakeholders in a business


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