7. Business ethics: Virtue Ethics

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  • 7. Business ethics: Virtue Ethics
    • If business owners follow virtues and try to be more virtuous when running a business, it can lead to a more virtuous and ethically moral business
      • Example
        • A business founded on compassion and justice would automatically result in stakeholders being treated fairly and development being sustainable
    • Whether or not a business is profitable is arguably of no concern to virtue ethics
      • It is agent centred, therefore the outcome of these virtuous acts on success of a business is irrelevant
    • Criticisms
      • What virtues should be followed?
        • Machiavelli argues that virtues are context-dependent
          • e.g. deceit and violence are virtues in war as they lead to a successful end
      • Virtues vary culturally, meaning it is not applicable to globalisation
      • Which virtuous business people should be emulated?
        • e.g. the owner of Starbucks, a company famous for tax evasion


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