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India had 300mn inhabitants
70,000 British officials were stationed in India.
70% of the population were Hindu.
20% were Muslims.
The British built 23,000 km of railway.
1/3 of India was run as princely states by the Maharajas.…read more

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Mountbatten…read more

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E…read more

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1600 Charter granted to E. India Company by Elizabeth I
1857 Indian Mutiny begins
1858 Crown control of India Royal Proclamation
1877 Queen Victoria declared Empress, British territorial
control in India at its greatest
1885 Formation of Congress Party
1901 North West Frontier Province created
1905 Partition of Bengal
1906 October Simla deputation
December All-India Muslim League formed
1909 Indian Councils Act
1911 Bengal reunited
1914 Outbreak of the First World War…read more

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1916 Formation of home rule leagues
Lucknow Pact
1917 20 August Montagu Declaration
1918 End of the First World War
1919 Rowlatt Act
13 April Amritsar Massacre
December Government of India Act
1919­1921 Non-cooperation campaigns
1928 Simon Commission in India
August Nehru Report
1929 Irwin Dominion Declaration
1930 12 March Salt March
12 November First round table conference
1931 5 March Gandhi­Irwin Pact
7 September Second round table conference…read more

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This is an excellent powerpoint to provide key factual information on Edexcel Unit 2, option D2. It covers key dates and individuals, as well as key events in chronological order. A great revision tool.

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