Characters in the Odyssey

Odysseus, Penelope, Telemachus, Menelaus and Helen, Calypso, Circe, Nestor, The Phaecians, Odysseus' men, The Suitors, Divine Intervention and Villains.

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- The basis for the story and the main protagonist from books 5-24
- Husband to Penelope, Son of Laertes and Father to Telemachus
- King of Ithaca
- Major hero in the Trojan War - set up Trojan Horse
- Known as 'nimble-witted' and 'the entire world knows of my strategems'

- Blessed by Athena - she is the catalyst for Telemachus to search
- We are not given his viewpoint til Book 5 where he is crying on Ogygia
- He is described in detail by Nestor and Menelaus when Tele. enquires
- Hated by Poseidon because he blinded his son Polyphemus
- Good warrior - Cicones and Cyclops - also effort with Suitors
- Ruthless with Suitors and those who conspired against him - maids
- Loyal to friends - Eurycleia, Eumaeus
- Clever - 'Nobody' trick and with the Cyclops
- Morality is questionable - lying to Pen. but justified means
- Defined by his kleos - hubritstic in places - reveals name to Polyphemus
- Loyal to gods - constantly praying - Cattle of Hyperion

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- Wife of Odysseus, Mother of Telemachus, Queen of Ithaca
- Strong with the Suitors - does not give in to them
- Crafty also - tests Odysseus with bed test - presents from Suitors

- Faithful beyond all measure - does not give in to the Suitors - this accentuates the fact that Odysseus' sleeping with Calypso and Circe makes him seem unfaithful but social/historical context suggests that this is normal - plus Odysseus is described as attractive
- Yearns for Odysseus' return - cries into her pillow each night

- Biggest trick is the shroud she weaves and unpicks for Laertes and when she finishes the shroud she will marry - this trick keeps her going for 20 years
- Has great affection for Telemachus and has the command from Odysseus that when Tele. has a beard she must re-marry

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- Son of Odysseus and Penelope

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Please could you finish these, they are really good!!

Riannon Palmer


Yeah, could you finish them please; for Calypso, Circe, Polyphemus, Nausicaa etc?



i agree with the others- what you have is really good :)

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