The Iliad

Book 1 - Agamemnon and Achilles

  • Chryses comes to Agamemnon to ask for his daughter back
  • Agamemnon refuses and so Chryses prays to Apollo for help
  • Apollo sends a plague which last 10 days
  • After 10 days, Achilles calls for an assembley, where Calchus says he knows why Apollo has sent the plague, but is apfraid to speak, as he is afriad of the man who has angered the god.
  • Achilles says he will protect Calchus, even if the man is Agamemnon.
  • Calchus annouces Agamemnon has upset Apollo by refusing to return Chryseis to Chyses.
  • Agamemnon get angry and threatens to take Achilles prize in retalliation.
  • Achilles draws his sword on Agamemnon, but Athena comes and stops him
  • Achilles says he will take his men away and qwithdraw from the fighting
  • Briseis is taken from Achilles, both Briseis and Achilles are sad
  • Chryseis is returned to her father by Odysseus after Agamemnon agrees to give her back
  • They give thanks to Apollo
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Book 1 - Quotes

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Book 3 - Duel between Paris and Menelaus

  • Menelaus challenges Paris to a duel
  • Paris agrees to the duel and jumps out of the Trojan line - dressed in leopard skin and somone else's armour
  • But as soon as he sees Menelaus coming for him he runs away.
  • Hector gets angry at Paris and calls him a "parody of a man"
  • Paris, hurt by Hector's words, agrees to fight Menelaus, teh winner shall have Helen
  • Hector presents the terms to Menelaus, who accepts, but he wants Priam to swear an oath
  • Iris disguises herself as Hector's sister, and goes to Helen to tell her about the impending duel
  • She goes to the gates where she looks out across at all of the men and describes some of teh Greek soliders to the elders of the city
  • Priam marvels at the splendor of the Greeks
  • Paris and Menelaus get ready to duel
  • Paris throws his spear but doesnt cause any damage
  • Menelaus throws his spear which hits Paris's shield
  • Menelaus break his sword over Paris's helmet and begins to drag him away by his helmet
  • Aphrodite cuts the ******** Paris's helmet and then whisks him away in a cloud of smoke
  • Agamemnon insists that Menaluad has won the duel and demands Helen back
  • After the duel, Paris goes back to Helen who is annoyed at his cowardice
  • But as soon as she looks in his eyes, she falls in lust and they go to bed together
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Book 3 - Quotes

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Book 4 - Restarting of the fighting

  • Hera and Zeus are arguing on Olympus
  • Zeus says teh greeks won but Hera wants to Trojans to be destroyed, so she doesn't care who won
  • Athena is sent down to restart the fighting
  • She disguises herself as a Trojan soldier and whisper to PANDARUS about the glory he will gain (TIME/GERAS) if he shoots an arrow at Menelaus - which he does
  • The arrow hits Menelaus on his belt and wounds him
  • Agamemnon sees his brotehr is wounded and calls for the fighting to be restared and calls for the best healers to come and help his brother
  • Agamemnon goes through the Greek ranks, surveying the troops
  • NESTOR - talks about how great Nestor was
  • DIOMEDES - has a go at him, saying how his father would be disgraces
  • ODYSSEUS - has a go at him, syaing that he should be at the front fighting but one of his men talks back to Agamemnon but Odysseus shuts him down
  • Shows the respect Odysseus has for Agamemnon  
  • Athena helps the Greek
  • Apollo helps teh Trojans
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Book 4 - Quotes

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Book 6 - Hector and Andromache

  • Greeks start to win the fighting after Diomedes's rampage
  • Menelaus finds ADRESTUS and captures him, he considers taking a ransoms for his life, but Agamemnon tells him to kill him outright - showing no mercy.
  • Nestor tells the Greeks how to fight better
  • But the Trojans start to worry that they are about to loose the battle
  • Helenus tells Hector to go back into the city and tell the women to make an offering to Athena
  • Hector goes back to the city where he meets his mother, HECABE, who asks him to come and drink with them, but he refuses
  • He tells his mother to go and take the most beautiful dress and make an offering to Athena
  • Hector goes to find Paris to get him to come back to the fighting
  • Helen offers Hector a chair which he refuses
  • Helen and Hector get angry at Paris for being a coward
  • Hector and Paris return to the battle
  • On the way back to the battlefield Hecotr meets his wife and son - ANDROMACHE and ASTYANNAX
  • Astyannax is afraid of Hector as he does not recognise him, but as soon as Hector tkaes his helmet off, they have a father/son moment
  • Andromache says she doesn't want to become a prize, begs Hector to stay behind the city walls
  • Hector and Paris return to the fighting
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Book 6 - Quotes

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Book 9 - Embassy

  • The Greeks are hearth broken at their defeat
  • Agamemnon is devestated, weeps and declares the war a faliure
  • Diomedes rises and insits that he will stay and fight no matter what and dosent care if people leaves, he reminds the greeks that troy is fated to fall
  • Nestor stands up and says that Diomedes' speech was good but had no plan
  • So Nestor suggests that the only way they will win is if Achilles comes back to fighting and insists on a embassy being sent and puts forward Phoenix, Ajax and Odysseus
  • Agamemnon sees the wisdom of Nestor and agrees to the embassy and lists the gifts he will give if achillies comes back to the fighting
  • The embassy is sent 
  • They arrive at Achillies tent and he is playing the lyre to Patroclus
  • Odysseus begins by saying Agamemnons offer but leaves out the part that Achillies supplicates to Agamemnon
  • Achillies is angered by this speach and says that he will leave in the morning, and says to Phoenix that he should come with him
  • Ajaxs speech calms down Achillies to a extent
  • Phoenix goes into a lengthy speech and a emotional plea for Achillies to stay  
  • He uses the ancient story of Meleager, another warrior who, in an episode of rage, refused to fight, to illustrate the importance of responding to the pleas of helpless friends
  • The embassy fails as achillies rejects it
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Book 9 - Quotes

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Book 11 - Battle at the greeks ships

  • The book begins in the heart of the battle
  • Zeus rains blood on the greeks and it scares them
  • Zeus sends Iris to tell hector not to attack till Agamemnon is injured
  • Agamemon is then injured and has to leave the field
  • Hector them charges seeing his opporunity
  • The greeks are then beaten back to the boats
  • Nestor calls Machaon back to his tent
  • Meanwhile Achillies is watching the battle and sees the injured Machaon
  • He sends Patroclus to go see Machaons status
  • Patroclus arrives and sees nesotr being surved by hecabe his slave wine is a large gold cup
  • Nestor tells Patrcolus the damage caused by the trojans
  • Nestor begs Patroclus to rejoin the fighting or atleast come to the battle disguised in Achillies' armour
  • Patroculs agrees to try to convince Achillies to allow him back to the fighting
  • On the way back he meets the injured soilder Eurypylus and heals his wounds
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Book 11 - Quotes

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Book 16 - Patroclus's return

  • Patroclus goes to Achillies and begs him to allow him to return to the fighting in his Armor
  • Achillies says he will not return to the fighting but will allow patroclus to return and take his armour and as long as he does not attack past the ships and not to attack the city as he may anger a god
  • Patroclus and the Myrmidons return to the fighting
  • Achillies prays to Zeus that patroclus will return to him
  • With the reutrn of patroclus in Achillies armour the tide of the battle quickly changes with the trojans retreating including Hector
  • Patroclus then goes on a killing spree
  • Patroclus encounters Sarpedon and Zeus considers saving his son but he would break his own rule if he did
  • Sarpedon dies and Zeus talks about Sarpedons mortality and rains blood down in grief
  • Zeus then decides to kill Patroclus for killing his son but first lets him rout the Trojans
  • Patroclus disobeys Achillies and chases the trojans to the trojan wall
  • Homer says that at that point Illium could of fallen however Apollo got involved by knocking Patroclus 3 times off the wall after he climbed it and on the 4th time Apollo became angry
  • Apollo convinces Hector to fight Patroclus
  • In the middle of the fighting Apollo sneaks up behind Patroclus and wounds him and paralyses Patroclus, and Hector easily finishes him off
  • Hector taunts the fallen man, but with his dying words Patroclus foretells Hector’s own death.
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Book 16 - Quotes

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Book 18 - Patroclus's Death

  • Antilochus brings word of Patroclus's death to Achilles, who looses control of himself
  • He cries and beats the floor with his fists and pulls out his hair
  • Thetis hears him crying and comes to comfort him
  • Achilles tells him of teh tragedy and begs for him to get revenge on Hector.
  • She agrees but insists she will ask Hephaestus n to make Achilles some new armour as Hector now has Achilles old armour from Patroclus's body.
  • Iris, sent by Hera goes to Achilles and tells him to make an appreance on the battlefield, so that the Trojans will flee from Patroclus's body
  • He lets out an almight cry which is magnified by the gods and a light is shining from his head, the Trojans flee
  • The Trojans have a big feast in the camp and POLYDAMUS urges the men to retreat to the city now that Achilles has returned to the battle
  • Hector dismissed the idea, saying it is cowardice and gets support from the Trojans - Athena had robbed them of their wits
  • The Greeks mourn Patroclus and clean his wounds but Achilles says he will not bury him until he has had his revenge on Hector
  • Thetis goes to Hephaestus and asks him to make armour for Achilles
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Book 18 - Quotes

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Book 19 - Achilles and Agamemnon make up

  • Thethis presents the armour to Achilles, she promises to look after the body of Patroclus
  • Achilles calls for an assembley where he expresses his regret for his anger in the past and his willingness to return to battle
  • Agamemnon says that it was DELUSION that made Achilles act this way
  • Agamemnon describes how Zeus was deluded by Hera
  • Achilles announces he wants to go straight back to war but Odysseus says that the men should eat before returning to battle
  • Agamemnon fetches the gifts for Achilles and Briseis is returned to him
  • Briseis mourns Patroclus, she talks about how he was the only person who ever treated her right adn worries who will make sure she will marry Patroclus
  • Zeus suggests to Athena that she sould secretly feed Achilles with AMBROSIA and NECTAR
  • The Greeks coem out for battle - bronze armour falshes, the earth resounds
  • Achilles arms himself, taking his father's spear
  • He has a go at his horses because they let PAtroclus die
  • His horse Xanthus prophesises Achilles death
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Book 19 - Quotes

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Book 22 - Hector dies lol

  • Some Tojans recover from the fighting behind the walls, but Hector remains outside
  •  Apollo mocks Achilles who races back towards the city, saying he looks like a comet
  • Priam and Hecabe beg Hector to come back insdie the walls
  • Hecabe laments him
  • Hector decides he must fight
  • Hector tries to reason with Achilles, but realises that Achilles is too angry and so decides to run
  • Achilles chases Hecotr around Illium 3 times
  • Zeus considers saving Hector, but Athena persuades him not to, Hector's time has come
  • During the 4th circle of the city walls, Athena appears before Hector disguised as Deiphobus, Hector's brother and convinces him that, together, they can take Achilles
  • Hector decides to fight Achilles, Deiphobus dissapears
  • Hector realises that the gods are not on his side
  • Hector charges at Achilles, and Achilles puts his spear through Hector's throat
  • Hector prophesises Achilles death
  • Achilles strips Hector body and teh Greeks stab it. Then Achilles drags Hector's body around Illium by his ankles
  • Priam and Hecabe cry for Hector.
  • When Andromache hears of Hector's death, she faints, recovers and offers a third lament, emphasising her son's fate.
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Book 22 - Quotes

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Book 23 - The Games

  • Achilles and the Myrmidons start their mourning of Patroclus and Achilles beings to eat
  • Patroclus' ghost visits Achilles in his sleep
  • The day after, they being a big ceremony for his death
  • They kill 12 TROJAN CAPTURES, 2 DOGS to put on the pyre
  • And the Chariot Race which DIOMEDES wins
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Book 23 - Quotes

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Book 24 - Priam and Achilles

  • Achilles cannot sleep as he is thinking about Patroclus and so drags Hector's body to the tomb, but APOLLO stops the body from being disfigured.
  • 12 days after Hector's death, APOLLO persuades ZEUS that Achilles must let Hector's body be ransomed
  • Zeus tells Thetis to tell Achlles that he must return the body and Achilles agrees
  • Zeus tells iris to go to Priam to tell him to take gifts to Achilles but HEcabe if afraid that Achilles will just kill Priam
  • But Zeus sends an eagle down as a reassurance and good omen
  • So Priam sets out with a chariot full of treasure and Zeus sends Hermes disguised and as a Myrmidon soldier to guide Priam through the camp
  • Hermes puts the gurads to sleep and drives Priam's chariot to Achilles's tent
  • Hermes revelas himself to Priam and leaves priam alone with Achilles
  • Priam supplicates Achilles, begging for Hector's body and envokes the idea of Achilles's father Peleus
  • Achilles weeps for his father and Patroclus and Priam weeps for Hector and then Achilles agrees to the ransom but get angry because Priam just wants his son back, Achilles wants to eat.
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Book 24 - Priam and Achilles

  • In the night Hermes comes to Priam and tells him they must leave the Greek camp
  • They escape unseen with Hector's body
  • When they return, all the women in the city cry out in grief and run out to meet them
  • For 9 days, the Trojans prepare Hector's funeral Pyre and Achilles has given them a break in the fighitng for Hector's funeral
  • The Trojans light the pyre on the 10th day


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Book 24 - Quotes

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