Birth Rates & Death Rates - Families & Households

Notes for AS Sociology for the Families and Households sections outlining changes in Birth Rates and Death Rates and the consequences of this.

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Birth Rate Death Rate
Trends Fallen: slight increase since 2007. Death rates have fallen: actual number of
Family size has declined. deaths has remained stable: 600000 p.a.
However the death rate has fallen 1900:
19 per thousand. 2007: 10 per thousand.
Causes More understanding of contraception, Improved health care, better standards of
independence of women is rising, living, increased awareness of health.
child centeredness. Environmental: sewage, water.
Consequence Child centeredness, ageing Ageing population, population boom: less
s population. resources, stress on economically active.
The consequences of the decline of the birth rate and death rate on society are that we have an
ageing population; when there are more older people than younger people in society. As a result,
the dependency ratio rises as there are older people dependent on the economically active in
society. As a result, there are problems providing for those people in society.


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