Social Policys, Education

Looking at social policys used with in education.

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1944 Butler education act

11+ exams to deside on which school each child goes to:

Grammar, technical schools, secondary modern..... the three types of school they could go to, this is called the ' tripartite system'.

what would marxists say?

Cultral capital reinforcing social class inequalities, benefits middle class. Middle class can afford tuition, can help child with homework which means working class falls behind.

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1965 Comprehensive system

The desision to teach all pupils under one roof regardless of social class, gender, ehtnicity and ability.

90% of all students now attend a comprehensive school. however setting and streaming still spilts the pupils.

Negetives - most able held back, behaviour of less able getting in the way of learning and still creates subcultures

Positives - opportunties open for all, social mixing, reducing SPF and learn off each other

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1988 Education reform act

Bought in by the conservatives......

marketisation - the proccess of increasing competition between schools by allowing parential choice in a free market for them to make a desision on where to send their child

this is done through increases ofsted inspections, parents can look at what ofsted has said and SATS and league table for parents to compare.

SATS - generalise and compare as all of them are doing the same thing, however this puts more pressure on pupils and teachers.

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